Insulated Roof System Series

Insulated Roof System Series is a treated steel sheet color coated, with high-quality zink protection. Durable to all weather condition, with an ESP insulation core, that can reduce heat and effectively save energy cost. The roof is strong; durable and has low weight, therefore can minimize roof structure cost. Finishing details with ridge cap for a neat and beautiful finishing.

Hight Density Tensile Steel

LINDAB SMARTSEAM ROOF uses imported high-quality steel from Sweden. With 0.5mm. Steel thickness that has a tensile strength up to 250 MPa/350 MPa Europen standard.

High Galvanized Protection

The steel is Hot-Dip Galvanized with 275 g / m² coated on both surfaces. Withstands all weather condition and corrosion resistance, durable more than 100 years (tested by British Steel Institute England).

Strong Coating Colours

With two-layer coating, the first layer with high-quality primer up to 200 g/m² in thickness and the second with 50 micron High Build Polyester, with UV-reflecting properties. According to the European standards that provide good protection against corrosion.
Note: * Only for products listed in Table Skin Material & Colour Coating.

Excellent Thermal Protection

EPS Insulation Core is an insulation that only has 0.030 W/mK in thermal conductivity. It will reduce outside heat from passing through that’s 49 times lower than concrete.


Durable in every weather. Insulated Roof System Series has a coating of PE Polyester or High Build Polyester. This coating optimizes Insulated Roof System Series in regards to all weather conditions.

Long Span Support

Maximum carrying weight capacity 4 meter. Insulated Roof System Series is a strong and durable, lightweight roofing system. With up to 4 meters in span distance, this can reduce structure cost.

All-In-One Roof and Ceiling

Insulated Roof System Series is a high-quality color coated roof system with rust protection on both sides. The top part (Top Skin) acts as the roof, and the bottom (Under Skin) acts as the ceiling with insulation in the middle. Ending the quick and easy installation with prefabricate Smooth Eaves End Cap Flashing and Smart Flashing.

Save Cost

Insulated Roof System Series is lightweight, strong and durable. It can be used as both inner and outer ceiling for that reason reduce costs and shorten the installation time.

Insulated Roof System Series Smart Accessories

Double Ridge Cap Flashing

Above flashing, cover the roof joints with ring gasket screw preventing leakage of water into the building. Below flashing, cover the roof joints to increased strength and give a beautiful finish inside the building.

Insulation Core

Noise and heat insulation. Insulated with Expandable Polystyrene (EPS) Self-Extinguishing Grade. This insulation is a high-grade non-flammable (Standard DIN4102-1 / JIS A 9511) that transferes low heat and help reduce the inside temperature. Prevent outside noise into the building and reduce energy consumption efficiently.

Smart Seam Roof

Connect roof ridges without wasting overlap span of the roof. Preventing water flows into the building, delicate and beautiful European style.

Double Lock Strong Bracket

Double lock roof bracket. Two steps roof bracket without drilling the sheet, enhance the roof bracket latching. No leakage and support roof flexibility when the roof temperature changes.

Smooth Eaves End Cap Flashing

Prefabricated eaves finishing. Roof eaves is an ending flashing with no need to install extra eaves, delicate and beautiful prevents backflow of water into the building.

Insulated Roof System Series Specification

Insulated Roof System Series Installation

Insulated Roof System Series Dimension

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